> > The biggest issue i ran into is that Qubes4 is just too immature to 
> > actually 
> > use for more than browsing and email. It was too painful for my desktop 
> > full-time work machine.
> > I tried for 2 months, my significant other stated that I had been 
> > extraordinary patient with Qubes when I finally stopped using it ;)

> - The priority is first and foremost security, right? 
> Qubes is often misunderstood if they do things in Qubes 4, which may first 
> show its full potential in Qubes 5 or Qubes 6.

I understand security is the priority, but I too think the current state of 
qubes is a mess. You make a good point about the future and Q5-Q6, and maybe 
you are both right. Besides surfing and emails, as an end-user I may have to 
wait for a few years to have a mature QubesOS.
I too cannot evaluate the code, but qubes-manager, system-tray, widgets paired 
with so many bugs is not a even close to any early beta version I would use as 
a daily OS. I will wait, for a few years, but that's really a highly optimistic 
and rather long-term speculation while dreaming about Qubes-IOT and 
Qubes-Cloud. All while implementing a new admin-api which roadblocked an 
already delayed update of QubesOS for new fedora versions and leaving qubes 
with half baked widget solutions in a bug-riddled mess.


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