I want to use a dedicated AppVM to sync data to a private NextCloud-Server.

I have setup a dedicated template for this, which is based on
fedore-30-minimal (as all my other templates).

Configuration of the template and the AppVM was straight forward and I
was able to make an initial sync.

But after I have restarted my NextCloud-Client AppVM I'm asked for
credentials again and even if login again, the sync doesn't start.

I've also tried to use a NextCloud AppToken for my user, but this had
the same effect.

Can someone explain why I the login/sync fails after rebooting the AppVM?

This are the steps to build a NextCloud-Client-Template and an AppVM
based on this template.

All steps have to be run from dom0:

---- start ----


# Remove an existing template
if [ -d /var/lib/qubes/vm-templates/$TemplateName ];
   then qvm-kill $TemplateName;
   qvm-remove --force $TemplateName;

qvm-clone $Template $TemplateName

qvm-run --auto --pass-io --no-gui --user root $TemplateName \
  'dnf -y update'

# mandatory: install Nextcloud + Qubes Basics
qvm-run --auto --pass-io --no-gui --user root $TemplateName \
  'dnf -y install nextcloud-client nautilus qubes-core-agent-nautilus \
   qubes-usb-proxy mlocate qubes-core-agent-networking'

# optional: Some more usefull tools
qvm-run --auto --pass-io --no-gui --user root $TemplateName \
  'dnf -y install nano mc less unzip'

# optional: Nice(r) (Gnome-)Terminal
qvm-run --auto --pass-io --no-gui --user root $TemplateName \
  'dnf -y install gnome-terminal qubes-usb-proxy terminus-fonts \
   dejavu-sans-fonts dejavu-sans-mono-fonts'

qvm-shutdown $TemplateName

qvm-create --template=$TemplateName --label=blue my-nextcloud

# add Nextcloud-Sync-Client to Qubes Menu
# Login/Configure Nextcloud-Client (you need to login via Browser, this
can be done in another AppVM)
# Hint: Add an App-Password/Token

----- end ----

Thanks for your help.


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