OCC commands:


In qubes you have to specify the file path to occ(in the docs it lets you call 
occ by itself).
So for a typical fedora/apache/nc install in the template you would enter:

Sudo -u httpd(or apache) php /usr/share/nextcloud/occ [enter commands]

OCC is your main way of administering nextcloud in qubes so that link will help.

Qubes appvms do not keep anything outside of /rw so you would need to migrate 
the storage folder into /rw 

Or you can declare certian folders or files to be persistent. 

This is done in the appvm. Dont designate all of nextcloud to be persistent or 
if someone hacks the nextcloud appvm its there forever. It is bad enough you 
are doing it to the file folder.

I assume you installed nextcloud in the template and set up an admin account in 
the process. So when you fire up the appvm anything you do in there will be 
erased until you add your users via occ in the template and preserve the file 

Once you do all that it will work fine from your home network, exposing it to 
the world is a bit of a pain and introduces an attack vector obviously.

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