Youve got to set up your user names in the template. So fire up httpd in your 
template and use the occ commands to add users. Its inconvienent, but the appvm 
non persistance is the secuity feature that is also preventing anyone from 
embedding anything too nasty in your system.

I have tried to find where specifically user data is stored if you really 
wanted to allow users to add themselves while the server runs and between 
reboots, but I recall not finding out much. This has been asked about on the NC 
forums as well.

Youve also got to set up the storage area to be persistant between boots. This 
is easier to make non persistant. Follow the NC hardening guide to move the 
folder somewhere else, and then use qubes-bind-dirs to make that folder 
persistant. You would need to do the move in the template, but set up the 
bind-dirs in the app.

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