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> Sorry my initial reply was the wrong answer.
> To set up a login that is persistant you need to do it in the template
> with the occ commands. Any user made in the appvm will not survive a reboot.

What exactly is meant by "occ commands"?

The nextcloud storage area needs to be made persistant using the
> qubes-bind-dirs directory in the appvm, the qubes docs cover that.
> I am able to stay logged in with the nextcloud app and sync via webdav
> between reboots in this manner.

Thank you for the feedback, I don't understand why I need to make changes
regarding the storage area.
As far as I know the Nextcloud data is stored in /home/user which should
survive the a reboot as long as it is a normal AppVM.

Are you also trying to sync other appvms?

No I have just build a template (as describes) and build an AppVM from this


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