Am 15.08.2019 um 00:03 schrieb one7two99:
> I want to use a dedicated AppVM to sync data to a private NextCloud-Server.


> Can someone explain why I the login/sync fails after rebooting the AppVM?
> This are the steps to build a NextCloud-Client-Template and an AppVM
> based on this template.
> All steps have to be run from dom0:
> ---- start ----
> Template=fedora-30-minimal
> TemplateName=t-fedora-30-storage


> can be done in another AppVM)
> # Hint: Add an App-Password/Token
> ----- end ----

Seems fine to me.

I'd guess it's not directly Qubes related, maybe this problem:

Try to start the client from the command line and see if there are any

If that doesn't help try to install the client in an AppVM based on the
default Fedora-Template. If that's running fine you might miss some
required packages (see link above).

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