On 10/11/20 5:06 PM, Jarrah wrote:

First, thanks to Jarrah!
I inadvertantly booted my computer with my defucnt instalation plugged
in and it booted my desktop drive on my laptop... go figure, but
regardless I was now able to use Jarrah's response to mount and copy
over most of the appvms (actually just mounted, tar'd up the entire
thing, and saved to trusted ext drive). Thanks Jarrah!

Nice work. Glad it worked out for you.

Caveat though, two actually, a few of the appvms gave errors, most of
them were not hugely important appvms but the second issue (kinda) is
about the possbility of copying the whole appvm, more specifically I
have some vpn proxy vms which (for me) wasnt easy to setup so I was
hoping to copy the whole appvm over to the new installation... I have
tar'd the entire contents/configs of each of those vpn proxy vms but
wasnt sure if that would be sufficient?

The /rw/config directory (just /config in the private image you copied)
should be enough, depending on how you configured it. You should be able
to make a new VM, overwrite its files with these and reboot. Your VPN
should "just come up".

Thanks, unfortunately though for teh VPNs its not working, in that i go to something like ifconfig.co and it tells me i am ... well where I actually am. Is there a way to diagnose this? Or maybe its time to use the users contribution repo (or whatever it was called) as i noticed it had a package to setup a vpn, though it was not clear to me if it was taskett's version that had a kill swtich?

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