On 2020-10-08 02:24, Jarrah wrote:
Ok so on the mount from other os page its not totally clear for me.

I do have a barebones qubes system on another computer (laptop), so
would/should I take my ssd from my desktop connect it (have an adapter
cable) to my laptop then "pass" the whole disk to an isolated appvm?

Yes, this is the idea. Using `qvm-block a <AppVM> <desktop disk>` or the
equivalent GUI widget.

Ok, so I *think* I have mounted and decrypted my 1tb desktop ssd on my laptop... i say "think" because I dont see anything in the Templates dir where i thought I mounted it? This is what lsblk gives me in the appvm where I ran "sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/xvdj2 Templates"

xvdj          202:144  1 931.5G  0 disk
├─xvdj1       202:145  1     1G  0 part
└─xvdj2       202:146  1 930.5G  0 part
  └─Templates 253:0    0 930.5G  0 crypt

When i ls ~/Templates it shows nothing. I guess part of my problem is that LVMs make no sense to me, or more accurately confuse me so the accessing LVM logical volumes is where my understanding decreases precipitously - I thought I was using an AppVM but LVM does not seem to be automatically discoering my LVM config?

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