>> Ok so on the mount from other os page its not totally clear for me.
>> I do have a barebones qubes system on another computer (laptop), so
>> would/should I take my ssd from my desktop connect it (have an adapter
>> cable) to my laptop then "pass" the whole disk to an isolated appvm?

Yes, this is the idea. Using `qvm-block a <AppVM> <desktop disk>` or the
equivalent GUI widget.
>> If yes, then,,, what is meant by passing the disk to an appvm
>> (copying?) and when it says isolated appvm does that just mean, in my
>> case, an appvm on my laptop? 

Isolated was added because at this point, your AppVM is receiving the
same level of trust as your desktop Dom0. So don't do this is your
internet connected untrusted VM.
>> Lastly, as my laptop drive is smaller
>> than my desktop drive, would I be able to selectively copy/mount to my
>> laptop appvm or would I need to go another route?

When copying data off you would need a drive of that capacity, but to
mount, see files and modify them, there is no copying, it's all done on
the original drive.
> btw, on my desktop, I am still able to access a dom0 terminal and can
> connect to an external drive (I think), so can i just cp the appvms to
> an external drive and then extract the contents of the critical appvms?

By default the AppVMs are LVM volumes, making it a bit hard to just copy
them. If it still works, the Qubes backup tool would be the easiest way
to do this. Otherwise, "isolated AppVM" is interchangeable with dom0.
You could mount them and pull off your files manually, though this may
compromise Dom0 with anything untrusted in the AppVMs.
> Sorry, the mount from other os page is a bit over my head hence my
> attempting to find options that I can understand :/

Maybe once this is sorted, we could use this thread to improve that

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