On 2020-10-06 19:12, Frank wrote:
On 6. Oct 2020, at 13:53, Stumpy stumpy-at-posteo.co wrote:

On 2020-10-06 10:46, Frank wrote:
On 5. Oct 2020, at 16:16, Stumpy stumpy-at-posteo.co wrote:
My computer actiing strange like some appvms not opening so i
decided to restart and restarted normally and booted back up fine
except now i can hardly open anything. Appvms will not start, I
tried to do a backup from dom0 term and that gave me an error, tried
to run qubes-qube-manager and that gave me a similar error [1]...
I'm at a loss. Of course I just finished doing some important work
and didnt immediately backp (usually bkup weekly).
I am not thrilled about reinstalling but can do it, but really
really really want to back up my appvms before nuking everything. If
i cant use the regular backup is there a way i can just copy things?
I think I can still mount an external drive...
This should give you all the information necessary to get your data
Regards, Frank

Thank you, I didnt notice that.
I dont suppose you have any thoughts on the error that seems to be borking my system?

I fear I don’t... but isn’t errno 2 something like „file not found“?
So it smells like dom0 is having problems getting everything mounted
where it belongs - either because the file system is screwed or LVM is
having some problems.

In any case, I’d be backing up whatever I could get my hands on and
then reinstall...

Ok so on the mount from other os page its not totally clear for me.

I do have a barebones qubes system on another computer (laptop), so would/should I take my ssd from my desktop connect it (have an adapter cable) to my laptop then "pass" the whole disk to an isolated appvm? If yes, then,,, what is meant by passing the disk to an appvm (copying?) and when it says isolated appvm does that just mean, in my case, an appvm on my laptop? Lastly, as my laptop drive is smaller than my desktop drive, would I be able to selectively copy/mount to my laptop appvm or would I need to go another route?

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