But spreading the word is the whole point. It just so happens that 
apparently the RBW Owners Bunch is chock full of internet litigators. 

Sure, life is full of gray areas. Operating on the motivational principle, 
if you catch some kid stealing sunglasses from your store, and he tells you 
he is going to pawn it so he can have money to eat, maybe you give him a 
lecture and let him go. Or maybe he smirks and kicks you in the shin and 
you decide to call the police. Either way,  as the property owner, it's 
your call. This situation is different--not his property, and already there 
is a procedure in place to handle this exact event.

I would tend to trust your judgment regarding this cl guy and the Riv bike, 
and think there is no reason to doubt the guy is sincere and on the up and 
up. But do you really want people running around Portland rescuing 
abandoned bicycles? I don't think the guy should be arrested, but he should 
probably be advised to get the bike to the police or the agency responsible 
for abandoned bikes asap.

On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 6:30:06 PM UTC-5, John at Rivelo wrote:
> Hi, I'm the guy that posted this in the first place. 
> I have exchanged emails with the Craiglist poster. I have a report from 
> someone in the neighborhood who spoke with him in person. 
> He has reposted the ad. He has asked me on more than one occasion if I've 
> had any luck on my end tracking down the owner. (I haven't.)
> Honestly, I feel kinda' bad now about even mentioning this, considering 
> that I think the guy is on the up-and-up. Would I have done it 
> exactly the same way? Maybe not. But in every exchange I've had with him, 
> he comes across as 100% genuine. 
> I tend to skew more toward the "motivation" end of things, both here and 
> in life, in general. Nothing I've heard from the CL poster - or the guy
> in the neighborhood who talked to him - leads me to think that his 
> motivation is anything less than sincere. I don't believe he has any 
> intention
> of keeping the bike, or is living in hopes that the owner won't resurface. 
> He appears to me to really want to find the rightful owner of the Hillborne.
> John in Portland at Rivelo
> On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 3:04:55 PM UTC-8, Bill Schairer wrote:
>> I read a thread on crazyguyonabike not long ago by a couple whose tandem 
>> was stolen in New Orleans (I think) while they were eating lunch on their 
>> cross country tour.  The bike was rather immediately purchased by a good 
>> samaritan, knowing it was stolen, for a song.  Amazingly, he found the true 
>> owner’s name and phone number stuffed in the handlebars or seatpost 
>> (something like that) and was able to reunite the bike with the owner and 
>> they were able to complete their tour relatively uninterupted if I remember 
>> correctly.  I keep thinking I need to stash my name and number in my bikes 
>> in several places but I’ve never got around to it. 
>> That aside, I guess I do see a difference in the two actions even if 
>> technically there is no difference.  No way, no how is that tandem getting 
>> back to the owner unless a good samaritan takes that action.  No way, no 
>> how is the bike in Portland getting back to its rightful owner BECAUSE of 
>> the “good samaritan’s” action.  If I’m the owner of the tandem, I’m 
>> thanking the guy who purchased my tandem.  If I’m the owner of the bike in 
>> Portland, I’m wondering who the hell are you stealing my bike?  Big 
>> difference in my mind even if both actions are legally wrong.

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