The company has done that scenario before, too. I think they are trying for 
a more populist approach. But I tend to think that the more concentrated 
higher dollar credit buy that you propose has a better chance of success 
than a thousand points of light. Still, every bit counts!

On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 12:17:48 AM UTC-5, Christopher Murray 
> I wonder if instead of 10,000 people spending $10 in credit we couldn’t 
> organize a smaller group of people (100, 200, 500) to all get a larger 
> amount. There are thousands of people on this list, right? 200 people 
> getting a $500 credit would get Riv there quickly. I’d be willing. Would it 
> be possible? Would 200 people do it? 
> Just a thought. 
> Chris

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