On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 6:49:23 AM UTC-7, Max S wrote:
>  Biggest impulse purchase ever, but such an easy riding bike, and fun for 
> the whole family! Wanted the sage colorway in size small. Alas, they ran 
> out, so we settled on orange in medium — less good, because it’s more 
> difficult for me (captain) to get on with a kid on the back, and a bit too 
> big for two of the kid “stokers”, but workable. Especially since this was 
> “the only run of tandems they would ever do, never again.” ...
> Then, not long after, Riv sends out an email saying more tandems have 
> arrived, including a few size small in sage. Ugh. For a company that 
> basically survives on fan following, this is a bit of a d*ck move. Maybe 
> not intentional on their part (?), but hard to believe that they didn’t 
> know the second batch was being made / on the boat as we were discussing 
> the sizing & color and making the purchase. And if they didn’t, that’s just 
> craptacular planning, which we (are happy to) bail out again and again. 
> Anyhow, I’ll most probably buy from Riv again, but there it is. 

I COMPLETELY get the frustration of a bike not being available in a color 
you like, but that's kind of silly.   Aside from the fact that orange is 
clearly superior to sage, I remember them saying all along that they MIGHT 
do a second run if the demand is there.   That second run could have come 
in different colors, but they probably left it the same because doing so 
kept the costs down just a tiny bit more.  An example of frugality, not 

If anything, the tandem is yet another example of how hard this industry 
must be to operate in  Just like with the large and medium sized MUSA 
clothes and the 59cm Frank Jones Sr., the medium size tandems - the ones 
most people need - are long gone while the others languish on the floor.  
Most suppliers won't make it feasible to order more of the sizes that are 
known to sell, and instead expect a buyer/retailer to purchase minimum 
quantities in a full run of sizes. 

But thanks for doing your part, and also for buying that small tandem!  

I think that people who shop at the extreme ends of the size spectrum 
should double-up on their hail mary coupons. (Joking.)  I bought a few, 
what I could swing at the moment.

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