Hi Jeremy,

Yes I have got it working in command line. It generates the html reports fine.
It's only when I use the CGI mode it fails. I checked the logs can't see any errors.

All I see is a text "Web Statistics for Site".

I traced the perl script and found at line

my $report_writer = &openOutputFiles( $config{reports}{File_Out} );

the value of $config{reports}{File_Out} is '-'

So I hard coded my out path to the function openOutputFiles then it worked. I have got the value defined in the ini file. It works fine on command line. I am not even sure why is important since in CGI mode everything gets output the browser not to the file system.


Did you get this working in command-line mode first? It's much easier to track down any problems in your configuration from the command-line than when running in CGI mode.

Jeremy Wadsack
Seven Simple Machines

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