I have not been able to get into the mailing list for some reason and was seeking assistance. If ound your email online. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have report magic 2.21 and Analog 6.0 on a windows 200 machine. I have this location set to a virtual directory over the network on a w2k box as well with IIS. I have set Full permissions for the time being, read write, exec. report magic 2.21 was installed using the windows distribution (that I noticed comes with no rmagic.pl file).

My problem is that I can run report magic as a CGI by pointing to rmagic.exe not rmagic.pl in the form action for rmform.html, but I cannot File_out. Essentially I would like to save all these reports that I am producing, but I cannot even save one right now. I have tried hard coding the file_out in the ini file, but this seems to get overridden by the executable as well as using a <input type="hidden" name="File_Out" Value="[directory]"> parameter in a variety of ways but with no success. How can I save these reports??

Once again any help is appreciated.


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