Is it possible to run report magic, not in cgi-mode via a browser, like iwth an exec command so that I could customize the file out location? I only used the CGI because I could not figure out a way to run report magic through php's exec (which I believe is by design as well).

Ideally I would have full control of report magic as I do in the command line, via a web interface. Is this possible? and how if so?

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I have not been able to get into the mailing list for some reason and was seeking assistance. If ound your email online. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you contact me off-list with any problems you had subscribing? Or elucidate further.

I have report magic 2.21 and Analog 6.0 on a windows 200 machine. I have this location set to a virtual directory over the network on a w2k box as well with IIS. I have set Full permissions for the time being, read write, exec. report magic 2.21 was installed using the windows distribution

Note that for some reason Perl has trouble reading over Windows shares. This is a known issue, but a resolution has yet to be found.

(that I noticed comes with no file).

It's in the source archive inside the distribution. You'll need to unzip to get to it.

My problem is that I can run report magic as a CGI by pointing to rmagic.exe not in the form action for rmform.html,

If you want to use the Perl version, then you should download the source and make sure Perl is installed on your system.

but I cannot File_out. Essentially I would like to save all these reports that I am producing, but I cannot even save one right now. I have tried hard coding the file_out in the ini file, but this seems to get overridden by the executable as well as using a <input type="hidden" name="File_Out" Value="[directory]"> parameter in a variety of ways but with no success. How can I save these reports??

This is by design. If this were allowed anyone could start changing the File_Out parameter (which, correctly would be reports_File_Out in the form elements) and overwrite files on your system or fill up your hard drive. When running in CGI environment, Report Magic will only write reports to STDOUT (which web servers redirect to the browser).

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