Well '-' is the correct value for the File_Out setting in CGI mode -- you want it to write to stdout.

If you run in CGI mode with Verbose set to NWE, you should see the trace notices in your log file. That might help tell you if something is going wrong (or not getting finished).

Jeremy Wadsack
Seven Simple Machines

Roshan G wrote:

Hi Jeremy,

Yes I have got it working in command line. It generates the html reports fine.
It's only when I use the CGI mode it fails. I checked the logs can't see any errors.

All I see is a text "Web Statistics for Site".

I traced the perl script and found at line

my $report_writer = &openOutputFiles( $config{reports}{File_Out} );

the value of $config{reports}{File_Out} is '-'

So I hard coded my out path to the function openOutputFiles then it worked. I have got the value defined in the ini file. It works fine on command line. I am not even sure why is important since in CGI mode everything gets output the browser not to the file system.


Did you get this working in command-line mode first? It's much easier to track down any problems in your configuration from the command-line than when running in CGI mode.

Jeremy Wadsack
Seven Simple Machines

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