Thanks again!  I appreciate the swift responses.

I have two more questions.

1. My CGI reports don't display any graphs. The graphs don't seem to be disabled on the analog or report magic side. 2. My logs are on a network share. You mentioned that Perl has issues reading windows shares. Does this mean that a form like <input type="..." name="LOGFILE" .... > will not work if I am pointing to these log files?

Jeremy Wadsack wrote:

Any time you run Report Magic in an environment that has the CGI fingerprint, Report Magic will refuse to produce output to anything except STDOUT. So you are correct, the PHP exec will behave the same way. This is by design.

If you create a web page that provides the same kind of control to Report Magic that you have from the command line you can expose all kinds of security concerns that a malicious user could easily use to compromise your system. For safety Report Magic has been built to protect against the most obvious ones, particularly by limiting it's capabilities when running in a CGI environment.

The only way to get around this is to use the Perl source edition and modify the code. If you do this you should be aware of the security implications of your actions and take necessary precautions to secure your interface.

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