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So, if your going to be distributing a "build release" I recommend the naming strategy where all artifactID's match. If the jaxme project is planning to leave the incubator anytime in the future, I would highly recommend you not use the word "incubator" in the artifact id. My personal opinion added to this is that its the same way we don't use "jakarta" in in projects like the Jakarta Commons, because some aspects Jakarta is a Foundry. Incubator is also a Foundry.
Incubator is a bit of a different beast than Jakarta.  Projects in
the Incubator are not 'full fledged ASF projects' yet, they will be
as soon as they leave in Incubator.  The incubation designation
has come up on the [EMAIL PROTECTED] list.  If this is problematic
for any reason I suggest you bring that up there.

Sounds similar to the Jakarta Commons Sandbox, Actually, projects there are not allowed to release jars until they graduate to the Jakarta Commons Proper. Generally speaking, jars produce by such projects are not distributed anywhere but by the author on their local system. Yet, I believe that Jakarta does complete a daily build process for these projects as well, so even though they are not officially released, there are packages which can be gotten at on cvs.apache.org.

AIUI the incubator is a bit of a special case. the ASF does not allow full official releases from the incubator but does allow versioned incubation releases provided that it's made clear these are incubation releases. (if this sounds a little hazy, that's because i haven't really kept up with the development of the incubation processes.)

jaxme would have been out of incubation by now but there are some major hassles with procedure. (there appear to be some disputes amongst the pmc members about the voting process. hopefully these will be resolved sometime very soon.) so, it's probably best to go with the naming schema mark suggests for jaxme but maybe to ask about the incubator's policy on jar naming the general list.

- robert

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