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sander's post early on this thread (quite reasonably) suggested that it'd be a good idea for the repository team to think about how to handle incubating projects in general (before any more come along). i think that sounds like a very reasonable plan.

it also seems to me (at least) that it's really the incubator pmc who are the right people to ask about the management of releases created whilst under incubation (including any special measures that might be required for jars released whilst in incubation).

- robert

On 11 Mar 2004, at 21:15, Noel J. Bergman wrote:

I would expect JaxMe to be released by the WS PMC. You should raise any
issue with them.

        --- Noel

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Is there just an issue with where its going to be located then? (I.E. site, cvs/svn location and distribution directories)? I'm very unfamiliar with the Incubator and its policies so excuse my naivety. Once a project has graduated via Vote, is there a process for its "migration"? I think this was possibly Roberts point.


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