On Mon, Mar 06, 2006 at 02:40:39PM -0700, Sanjay Nadkarni wrote:

> I will back this up from the request sponser POV.  In my case an RPE engineer 
> had already fixed the bug and putback into Nevada.  However we don't require 
> people to update the "fixed" in bugster.

People have suggested that we make this mandatory, rather than optional.
Another suggestion is to have the gate do it automatically -- I can do this
pretty trivially, if people feel it would be useful (in whatever context --
inside or outside Sun).

> The fixed, committed and integrated fields get updated only when the
> build closes.  So during  that 2 week period one has to grep through the
> putback list to figure out which is really non optimal.
> Furthermore the comment from the same engieer was that they don't have any 
> visibility if any one from the community is working on a bug.   So adding 
> that 
> info would be nice.

I would suggest, though, that keying off the status field to find out
whether it's useful to be working on a particular bug is not particularly
accurate.  I believe that it would be more accurate to use the presence of
a responsible engineer to know whether it's being worked on (because what
you *really* want to know, I think, is that a bug is being worked on, not
that it's finished).  Of course, the RE field may not be available outside.
If not, perhaps the presence of a value there could be indicated.

Regardless, I'm happy to make the change I mentioned above.


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