Joerg Schilling wrote:
> "Peter Tribble" <peter.tribble at> wrote:
>> I regard this as unsafe and undesirable *as a default*. It clutters up
>> /tmp with unnecessary directories, wastes memory and involves
>> extra code at login. I have no problem with administrators or
>> users doing it if they want, but I see no advantage to having it as
>> the default behaviour.
> I concur.

I actually think it is a very good idea.  I seriously doubt the amount 
of "memory" it wastes by having directories is actually important to anyone.

While it isn't particularly necessary on machines with small numbers of 
users if you have every logged into a big Sun Ray machine you would have 
an idea of just how cluttered /tmp can get with hundreds of users all 
using the same /tmp.

The way to take this forward is for the original requester to write up 
the ARC case and I as sponsor will get the ARC case submitted.

Darren J Moffat

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