David Campbell wrote:
> Running apt-get install libapache-mod-php5 is a lot easier than running 
> Resin for 99.99% of people in my experience.
I beg to disagree :). We don't know what "people in my experience" is, but
for sure most simple users
don't use apt-get (other distro) or have no idea that exists or how to use
it, since for most users the command line is already a too big nightmare.
Even if this doesn't sound professional, it is the reality :) - there are no
that many linux gurus around :).
Also let's not forget that most of the PHP development takes place on
Windows machines, where making things work (e.g. with IIS) is even more
error prone.
So for all these people, just downloading an application server, unpacking
and starting it is much simpler and secure above all.

David Campbell wrote:
> Why Caucho decided to have php support in their webserver rather than 
> fix the bugs in the Servlet container is something that confuses my and 
> my colleagues almost daily.
The one has nothing to do with the other.
PHP support is webserver independent so it does not exclude the other.

I think Quercus it's a fantastic piece of software and I'm happy they
released it.
The Resin application server is a separate product, and it was anywhay not
the subject of this thread :).

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