Ahmed Mohombe wrote:
> Sorry but this does not apply here.
> AFAIK Caucho is a company, not a "one man show".

How many engineers do you think Caucho have?

> Judging by your logic, all companies would do only one product at a time.

Perhaps small companies should be fixing bugs rather than developing non 
core functionality.

I think Caucho support for PHP is quite cool, I can't think of any 
scenario where I might use it but cool none the less.

> just my 2 cents,
> Ahmed.
> P.S. I understand that some (maybe many - I can't appreciate) users are
> frustrated with some "ugly" Resin bugs, but IMHO this is not the way these
> problems will be solved.
> Some constructuive bug reports with simple and reproductible test cases
> would help much more.



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