Daniel López wrote:
> Knut, you seem to have a setup quite similar to ours, are you using 3.1 
> already or staying if 3.0? If you are using 3.1, are you experiencing 
> similiar issues or is it just me? ;).

We're on 3.0, but one of my short term objectives is to get us migrated
to 3.1.  I think we're almost there, although when I saw your mails
about watchdog problems I paused for an extra check :-).  The problems
you describe haven't struck us, at least not so far.  Then we haven't
had the JVM freeze on us either.  We probably will not run into it
either as long as we insist on different OS users/watchdogs per JVM.

The confusion over watchdog port caught us by surprise as well, it took
a second or third close reading of the documentation to find that one.


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