Scott Ferguson escreveu:
It depends on the caching in your system. What do the next few entries show?

The difficulty with char[] and byte[] by themselves is that they're generally held by other objects like String or a cache. If you have a big cache, then that size could be perfectly normal. If they're held by non-caching objects, then it's likely a leak.

So it seems to be cache:

rank    self+desc       self    desc    count   class
1.0000  123.367M        123.367M        0.000M  965651  char[]
0.8045  99.249M         99.249M         0.000M  78774   byte[]
0.7537  92.977M         20.117M         72.860M         878934  java.lang.String
0.5117  63.124M         0.046M  63.078M         1009
0.3217 39.690M 6.001M 33.688M 65552 com.caucho.server.dispatch.Invocation
0.2474  30.527M         7.157M  23.370M         91701   java.lang.Object[]
0.2155  26.582M         3.574M  23.009M         156144  
0.1693  20.885M         0.566M  20.318M         14849   java.util.HashMap
0.1569  19.353M         3.071M  16.283M         134164  java.util.HashMap$Entry
0.1110  13.697M         0.014M  13.684M         253     
0.1110  13.688M         0.005M  13.683M         310     java.lang.StringBuffer

I got this dump in a slow moment, but that slow moment seemed to be an apache issue because in that moment it was too slow to open images, too.

Any way, thank you for the help.
I'll try to get more data.

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