I do this as well, but with retrospect under NT.  Big drives (I use 2 37GB
slow IDE's) as you noted are cheap and faster than tape.  I backup
each client to its own file.  Using NTFS on the drives, my largest backup sets
are approaching 4GB.  I think the largest file NTFS supports with my cluster
size is 64GB according to the NT docs.  I don't know if retrospect will be
able to handle files this large though. Pretty soon the files will try to
exceed 4GB, so I guess I'll find out one way or another...  Anybody know
what the limits in retrospect are for both platforms?


>In order to speed up the backup during the week (it is taking 12-14 
>hours to back our site up to our Travan 5 drive), I hit upon the 
>idea of buying a Promax Ultra ATA DMA/33 PCI card and a 25 gig IBM 
>deskstar drive (total cost about $475 including delivery) and using 
>that as the backup destination during the week.  After I get this 
>all set up, I find out that Retrospect's file backup set has a limit 
>of 2 GB, which seems a little restrictive to me.  I need about 14-20 
>gigs worth, so is there any way, other than making a bunch of 2 GB 
>file backup sets and adding them all as destinations, to use the 
>whole disk as a backup destination?
>If anyone from Retrospect is reading this, is it possible to up the 
>file backup set limit to, e.g., 2 TB, now that the Mac filesystem 
>supports files that large?
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