>          Reply to:   RE: using large hard disk as backup desitination
>Up until Mac OS 9, the maximum file size was 2 GB. Now that Apple has
>lifted that limit, we need to change Retrospect to reflect that new
>capability. We'll probably be doing this in our next release.

That will be great.  Any idea when this release might be forthcoming?

In the meantime, the method described, namely using a bunch of file 
backup sets (11 in my case) as the destination for a backup should 
work, right?  My main concern (I haven't actually tried it yet, 
tonight is the first night) is that Retrospect will automatically 
move on to the next file backup set when the first one is full and so 
one (I have about 14 gigs worth of data that gets backed up when I do 
a recycle backup.)  If this is what happens, then everything should 
be peachy.  If not, I'll have to find an alternative, like making 11 
2GB Diskcopy images and using those as the target.

>Matthew Tevenan
>Technical Support Specialist
>Dantz Development Corporation
>Wade Masshardt wrote:
>>In order to speed up the backup during the week (it is taking 12-14
>>hours to back our site up to our Travan 5 drive), I hit upon the idea
>>of buying a Promax Ultra ATA DMA/33 PCI card and a 25 gig IBM
>>deskstar drive (total cost about $475 including delivery) and using
>>that as the backup destination during the week.  After I get this all
>>set up, I find out that Retrospect's file backup set has a limit of 2
>>GB, which seems a little restrictive to me.  I need about 14-20 gigs
>>worth, so is there any way, other than making a bunch of 2 GB file
>>backup sets and adding them all as destinations, to use the whole
>>disk as a backup destination?
>>If anyone from Retrospect is reading this, is it possible to up the
>>file backup set limit to, e.g., 2 TB, now that the Mac filesystem
>  >supports files that large?

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