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You're right, but not all hard drives are recognized as removables by the
OS. Certain formatting software (I know LaCie's "SilverLining" is one)
formats hard drives with the removable bit on so they appear to Retrospect
as removable disks. 

As you said, this means the entire drive would be recognized as a
removable, and though Retrospect would take advantage of the entire hard drive's
capacity (the 2 GB file size has been worked around with removables in
Retrospect 4.1 and later by creating multiple files), you would not be able
to use the drive for other purposes.

I'll caution that this is NOT a recommended way to go, especially if
you've formatted other hard drives as removables. It's all too easy to tell
Retrospect to format the wrong hard drive during a backup. 


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

Luke Jaeger wrote:
>If you back up to a "Macintosh Disk" rather than a "Macintosh File",
>does the 2 GB limit still apply? (This prevents you using the drive for
>anything else however)
>If not, you could partition your big HD down into 2 GB chunks. Then
>Retrospect should parcel the "Retrospect Data" file among them as
>needed, right?
>top of the world,
>Luke Jaeger, Technology Coordinator
>Disney Magazine Publishing
>Northampton, Massachusetts
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