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I'm really not sure why this was done. I'm assuming it was decided to wait until Apple 
lifted the 2GB limit before working around it in the software. Now that Apple has 
lifted the limit, that's our cue to change Retrospect's capabilities...

I'll be sure to flag this suggestion, though.


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Michael Gaines wrote:
>At 8:34 AM -0800 12/17/1999, Matthew Tevenan wrote:
>>Reply to: RE: using large hard disk as backup desitination Wade,
>>Up until Mac OS 9, the maximum file size was 2 GB. Now that Apple >>has lifted that 
>limit, we need to change Retrospect to reflect that >>new capability. We'll probably 
>be doing this in our next release.
>I understand that the physical file can't exceed 2GB (at least prior >to OS9), but I 
>don't understand why this is a barrier to doing a file >backup set that exceeds 2GB 
>in total. Other programs are able create >segmented files when they reach a given 
>size. If I'm reading the >message that Eric posted to the list a few months back (see 
>below) >correctly, even your own program understands how to do segmentation >when 
>dealing with removable media. So my question is, why can't it do >segmentation (via 
>containers or whatever) when dealing with a file >backup set on a fixed drive that 
>exceeds the 2GB mark?
>Barring some technical reason, maybe that option can be added to the >next update 
>(ideally where the user can set the segmentation size)? >This has benefit of working 
>even for those of us that choose not to >upgrade to OS9. It also provides a mechanism 
>for dealing with the >issue when we start to reach OS9's file size limits. Although 
>at 2TB >hopefully we wont reach that point for a year or two. :)
>At 3:15 PM -0700 8/19/1999, Eric Ullman wrote:
>>With Retrospect 4.1, we included support for filling removable >>cartridges that 
>hold more than 2GB, by writing multiple containers >>as required, up to the media's 
>max storage capacity. However, we >>can't do this with file StorageSets (on a second 
>hard drive, for >>example); one must use a duplicate (OS format, no compression) 
>>>operation to fill a 9GB hard disk.
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