> And for my rant. I have all the manuals of Retrospect going back to
> version 2 and I have three servers so this makes a few manuals on my
> bookshelf. Why can't Dantz label their manuals with the current
> version? All the manuals do not have version numbers for the app. The
> way I figure them out is the copyright year in front of the manual.

Here's the reason: we want to minimize waste.

If we printed a version number on the manuals, we'd have to toss the whole lot
every time we did an update.

As it is, we can use, say, the Retrospect 4.0 manual with Retrospect 4.1 by
adding release notes. Then, we can update the 4.0 manual by including the
release notes and releasing a new 4.1 manual. In addition, some people got 4.0
and others 4.0a, but the manual didn't need any changes at all.

If we put the version number on the manuals, we'd almost always have too many
or too few manuals, which would result in waste.

Would you like to borrow a magic marker? ;-)


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