Hi folks,

We always appreciate feedback, and that's a great product of the retro-talk
list. We get to hear the good and bad from our customers who care. I don't
think anyone is on this list to "give Dantz a hard time;" we're here because
we count on Retrospect to protect computer information, and retro-talk helps
us get the most out of the software.

That said, I'd like to comment on a few earlier posts...

> Many will object, but in my opinion, the best way to distribute manuals is
> electronically; a PDF version of the manual, or some other online help
> installed when the software is installed.

Retrospect Express ships with a short getting started guide (with everything
you need to know for a complete backup and restore) and an entire manual in

Full Retrospect, starting with 4.2, ships with the Retrospect User's Guide
in both paper and digital form.

> Dantz was a little slow on the draw with their 4.2 update. The online help
> wasn't ready when the software was, so there was a bit of a delay in getting
> that out. Next time, let's hope they've got their i's dotted & their t's
> crossed & have everything ready for simultaneous release.

Perhaps. However, we said we'd ship on a certain date, and 4.2 fixed a
problem with OS 9 and all removable cartridge drives. If I was one of the
folks in that boat, I'd rather not wait while the updated help files held
back the software I needed to successfully backup and restore.

> How about an adhesive label with the version number, applied at shipping
> time?

We have used adhesive labels on the box and shrink wrap, but stickering the
manuals is more expensive than printing them with the version number on the
manual, *which is now the case*. All 4.2 and later manuals have the version
number listed clearly on the spine.

> I've noticed this problem with software manuals, CD cases, and boxes.
> Software companies fail to realize that their attempt to save money by
> reusing manual covers, cases, and boxes for each release results in user
> frustration. Many times, they'd rather save a buck than help make
> information easy for their users to find.

We agree. That's why Retrospect's version number is plainly visible on our
packaging, CD, and (now) manual. The part number also contains the version
number, so that distributors and resellers can tell what they're
ordering/selling without seeing the box.

> And for my rant. I have all the manuals of Retrospect going back to
> version 2 and I have three servers so this makes a few manuals on my
> bookshelf.

Stop the insanity! Recycle those old manuals! ;-)

So how are we doing? Better?

Have a good day, y'all.

Eric Ullman
Dantz Development

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