Paper and printing are expensive. I can understand SW companies not
wanting to consign warehouse-loads of manuals to the trash due to
incorrect version numbers. Conventional metal-plate offset printing
isn't economical for short print runs.

How about an adhesive label with the version number, applied at shipping time?

Alternatively, there are lots of short-run "on demand" printing
workflows using digital presses (such as Indigo) to circumvent precisely
this problem, which everyone who produces tech manuals has to face.

Sheila Loring wrote:
> I've noticed this problem with software manuals, CD cases, and boxes.
> Software companies fail to realize that their attempt to save money by
> reusing manual covers, cases, and boxes for each release results in user
> frustration. Many times, they'd rather save a buck than help make
> information easy for their users to find.
> >>Retrospectors,
> >>
> >
> >clipped . .
> >
> >>And for my rant. I have all the manuals of Retrospect going back to
> >>version 2 and I have three servers so this makes a few manuals on my
> >>bookshelf. Why can't Dantz label their manuals with the current
> >>version? All the manuals do not have version numbers for the app.
> >>The way I figure them out is the copyright year in front of the
> >>manual.
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