Many will object, but in my opinion, the best way to distribute manuals is
electronically; a PDF version of the manual, or some other online help
installed when the software is installed. When you install an update,
updated help files are also installed. Apple has been doing this for several
years, shipping only a brief installation pamphlet with the software install
disks. And if something's not covered in the online help, it can (usually)
be found on their website. I like it.

Dantz was a little slow on the draw with their 4.2 update. The online help
wasn't ready when the software was, so there was a bit of a delay in getting
that out. Next time, let's hope they've got their i's dotted & their t's
crossed & have everything ready for simultaneous release.
David G. Thornton
Mac Systems Manager 
CCL Label, Sioux Falls, SD

The mark of a good Network Manager is that they know exactly what the source
of all their network problems are since they create them all.
                 chuck goolsbee

> Paper and printing are expensive. I can understand SW companies not
> wanting to consign warehouse-loads of manuals to the trash due to
> incorrect version numbers. Conventional metal-plate offset printing
> isn't economical for short print runs.
> How about an adhesive label with the version number, applied at shipping time?
> Alternatively, there are lots of short-run "on demand" printing
> workflows using digital presses (such as Indigo) to circumvent precisely
> this problem, which everyone who produces tech manuals has to face.
> Sheila Loring wrote:
>> I've noticed this problem with software manuals, CD cases, and boxes.
>> Software companies fail to realize that their attempt to save money by
>> reusing manual covers, cases, and boxes for each release results in user
>> frustration. Many times, they'd rather save a buck than help make
>> information easy for their users to find.
>> >>Retrospectors,
>> >>
>> >
>> >clipped . .
>> >
>> >>And for my rant. I have all the manuals of Retrospect going back to
>> >>version 2 and I have three servers so this makes a few manuals on my
>> >>bookshelf. Why can't Dantz label their manuals with the current
>> >>version? All the manuals do not have version numbers for the app.
>> >>The way I figure them out is the copyright year in front of the
>> >>manual.

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