Another option is to use a product called Open File Manager from St Bernard
Software (  Backs up all open files no matter what they
are.  OFM assentially takes a snapshop of the open file/s then deletes the
snapshot after they are backup up.  This product even can backup the NT SAM
files and an Exchange Post Office while open.  It works very well and takes
little resources.

I use it with all my NT Servers.  In my office we run a Filemaker 5 database
for customer tracking and billing.  OFM handles it with no problem.  So nice
not to worry that a database or any other file is open.

Version 6.2 of OFM does work with Retrospect.

Adam Cohen

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> I am wanting to back up FileMaker Pro 5 databases that are hosted on
> a WINNT machine. I was curious as to some other people's strategies.
> I am running into the "file open" problem. We are using retrospect 4.2

Set up a server script in FileMaker Pro to backup the databases just before
the Retrospect backup is supposed to happen. Retro will be able to read the
backup files, since they won't be open.

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