I have a PowerTowerPro with an Apple OEM 10/100 ethernet card being 
backed up by a 6500 with a DAT tape running Retrospect. The 6500 has 
an identical 10/100 card in it, and the connection is through a 100BT 
hub. From long experience with the limitations of the 6500 and the 
DAT, I know that a sustained 10MB/min to tape is what to expect and 
for my purposes this is just fine (when I started using Retro, 
10MB/min was the best I could do with a plain 10BT card as well, so 
yes 100BT is not helpful here).

Yesterday, in -successfully- troubleshooting a conflict on the 
PowerTower involving a TV card, I moved the 10/100 card from its 
original slot (4th down from top) to a new slot (2nd down from top). 
The backup now proceeds slowly at 2-3MB/min and there are constant 
Net Retries. No dreaded 519s yet but I am expecting them.

I've done a cuda reset and zapped PRAM and tossed Appleshare prefs 
(including invisibles) on the PowerTower. I will be moving around the 
10/100 card again to try to reproduce this, and trying some other 
stuff like normal network copies too sleuth it.

Meanwhile, I have read non-authoritative discussions of the 
differences in some slots and how they are used, but can anyone at 
Dantz comment on this? Performance from less than one day earlier 
with all the same hardware suggests that a network issue, outside of 
the slot selection, is exceedingly unlikely.

Stefan Jeglinski

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