>I seem to remember someone reporting recently that 10/100 cards work
>best when they're in the slot nearest the processor. Maybe that was on
>this list? I don't know. It sounds like witchcraft to me, but what do I know.

>Have you set your TCP/IP control panel to communicate through the card
>at the new slot?  If not, you are probably connecting via Appletalk.

Thanks, but the solution was much simpler, though perplexing. This 
box (PowerTowerPro with G3 upgrade) has no USB of course, but somehow 
(no I don't know how) the Apple USB 1.3.5 extension got turned on and 
caused it (it had been installed by something long before and I 
always have it turned off but somehow it got turned on - inadvertent 
click in Extensions Manager maybe).

Anyway, I found I was able to repeatably get the link speed to this 
PTP box (as measured by Retrospect on the mother backup box) to drop 
from 3300KB/sec to 10KB/sec when activating this extension. Again, 
this PTP box has an Apple OEM 10/100 NIC; there is some weird 
interaction between this NIC and the USB extension.

Stefan Jeglinski

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