If Retrospect is no longer autolaunching, and you've verified that
"Autolaunch Retrospect" is checked in Special>Preferences, read the

Does Retrospect try to run a script right after you start it, but not at the
specified time? If not, verify that your script is scheduled correctly. Go
to Automate>Preview from the Retrospect Directory. Are there scripts
scheduled to run? If there are, is the top one scheduled to run soon (as
opposed to months or years in the future)? If it is scheduled to run some
time in the future, you may have deferred execution of the script. Change
this by editing your script.

If there are no scripts scheduled to run, you need to reschedule your
scripts. Go to Automate>Scripts from the Retrospect Directory to do this.

If Retrospect tries to run a script right after you launch the program, the
extension which autolaunches Retrospect, Retro.Startup, may be damaged.
Replace it by doing the following: quit Retrospect, trash Retro.Startup
(inside the Extensions folder in the System Folder), restart the computer,
launch and quit Retrospect, then restart the Mac again. This will produce a
fresh copy of Retro.Startup.

Let us know (at [EMAIL PROTECTED]) if you still have problems.

Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

P.S. I've found that Retrospect can also get confused if you're launching
multiple copies of multiple versions every day, but happily that's only a
problem for a very small group of people: namely Dantz tech support. :)

> From: Owen Watson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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> Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2000 07:45:53 +1200
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> Subject: Why won't Retrospect autorun?
> Occasionally (often when I'm away) Retrospect (latest version) won't
> start up automatically on my Mac. No lack of memory. When I do launch
> Retro on these occasions it then happily does its scripts, but why is
> the autolaunch so erratic?
> Yes, I do have it turned on. . .
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