I know this is off-topic for this list, but I also know there are 
networking gurus here, and the answers may be of general interest. So 
here goes:

Given 2 computers, each of which has a 10/100 ethernet card capable 
of either half or full duplex, not necessarily from the same 
manufacturer, and without specific ethernet control software to probe 
the card(s):

1) Can the fact that the cards are from different manufacturers lead 
to difficulties in auto-negotiating 10 or 100 and/or full or half 

2) Can the choice of manufacturer of an intervening hub or switch 
lead to the same difficulty?

IOW, can there be a [crucial] advantage to selecting all cards and 
hubs/switches from the same manufacturer? If so, is this choice more 
sensitive when doing 100BT?

Finally, given the same two computers, with different or identical 
cards, when connected by -only a crossover cable- (sans hub/switch), 
does the ethernet connection still reliably auto-negotiate 10 or 100 
and/or full or half duplex, given that each has 4 choices? Generally, 
given choices, the "best" connection is negotiated (100BT full?) but 
does this still happen correctly with only a crossover cable?

I'm pretty ignorant about the nuts and bolts of ethernet, hence my 
questions. Hopefully the off-topic nature is not seen as a terrible 
intrusion on the normal list traffic (it -is- kinda quiet right 

Stefan Jeglinski

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