Which Version of ASIP are you running?  
There were a couple of versions that under the right circumstances didn't honor the 
ASIP "memory reserved for other applications" setting.

I usually run set the reserve to give Retrospect a comfortable room to run in (I 
believe Retrospect uses temporary memory as well).

Hope this helps.


>>Occasionally (often when I'm away) Retrospect (latest version) won't 
>>start up automatically on my Mac. No lack of memory. When I do 
>>launch Retro on these occasions it then happily does its scripts, 
>>but why is the autolaunch so erratic?
>>Yes, I do have it turned on. . .
>dunno but I'd like the answer also. With a machine left for days 
>sitting and just ASIP file serving (no reboots, no changes) and Retro 
>at night when ASIP is quiet, about 10% of the time Retro just fails 
>to auto-launch. Manually launch it and the backups begin and it goes 
>on merrily auto-launching for maybe several days before it happens 
>Stefan Jeglinski
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