I answered my own questions from some experimentation.  Snapshots are lost 
when transferring StorageSets.  But now I realize that the bigger problem is 
that if I create CD-ROMs for the client, they can't be read without a CD-R 
unit, which the client doesn't have.  I'm now wondering what the best way is 
of reclaiming the $600 invested in Jaz cartridges.  Perhaps I should do a 
restore and burn the restored files onto CDs?  I would lose snapshots, but 
that would have been the case anyway if I have preserved the StorageSets 
during the transfer.

Any suggestions out there?

Phil Geller

In a message dated 3/17/00 12:26:23 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:

>A client has several old storagesets on 1GB Jaz cartridges.  We want to
>transfer them to CD-ROMs, so the Jaz cartridges can be reused.  As far
>as I can tell, the only way to do this is to use the Transfer function under
>the Tools->Copy screen.  Is that true?  
>And from reading the manual (I really did this time!), it looks like we
>lose all snapshots when doing this.  But I presume that all files, even older
>ones that weren't on the final snapshot of the original StorageSet, will be
>transferred.  Is that true?

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