Wouldn't it be just as easy to use the control strip module (assuming you use control 

On 03/23/2000 somewhere around the time of 14:19 +0900, Scott Ponzani spoke about "Re: 
Quick way to backup asap.":

>Hey, I know this one!
>Thomas, there is a set of AppleScripts that you can install from the client
>CD-ROM. One of them does just what you want--though invisibly. You won't see
>it open the control panel or make settings. Run it, and your machine will be
>backed up "ASAP." (You can check afterward in the control panel. It'll be
>set!) I've put this script in the Apple Menu of all the clients on our
>network for their ease of use.
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>> Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 12:15:11 -0500
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>> Subject: Quick way to backup asap.
>> Hi,
>> Is there a way to applescript the Retrospect control panel?
>> What I need to do is to be able to simply run a script that would do the
>> following manual items.
>> Open Retrospect Control Panel
>> Click on Preferences
>> Click on Schedule
>> Click on ASAP
>> Close all down.
>> This is a pain to do manually.  Or am I missing something?
>> Issue is that when I come in with my powerbook at 4pm on one day, by backup
>> gets run.  The next day I come in a 9am, but it doesn't get run until 4pm
> > which may be too late. I need to run it when I come in each morning.


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