Would it be correct to assume that any Retrospect CD-R or CD-RW drive could 
be used to read the Backup Sets?  Is there any limitation that it must be the 
drive it was written with?  I would expect not, but I just wanted to make 


Phil Geller

In a message dated 3/20/00 11:07:40 AM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:

>Just to clarify, CDs (CD-Rs or CD-RWs) written in Retrospect currently
>not readable in regular CD-ROM drives. We've gotten a lot of requests to
>change this, and it is something we'd like to do in the future. Until then,
>though, you need a compatible CD-R or CD-RW drive to perform a restore
>Retrospect-written discs.
>Matthew Tevenan
>Technical Support Specialist
>Dantz Development Corporation

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