If you're somewhat familiar with AppleScript (and I'm not very, so don't ask
me for programming tips), you can create what's called a "wait handler."
This is basically running all the time, and waits until a certain time to do
what you tell it to--for example quit FileMaker Pro Server. You could
schedule it to happen before the time the script starts, then have it start
it up again afterwards.

Pick up most any basic AppleScripting book for tips on how to do this.


Matthew Tevenan
Technical Support Specialist
Dantz Development Corporation

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> Subject: Re: New to Rertospect and AppleScript question
> OK, I guess you WERE laughing since I received no response <grin>.
> Regardless, I think I have figured out how to shut down FileMaker Server IF
> it is running on the same machine as the Retrospect Server (just copy the
> sample script from the AppleScript folder within the Retrospect folder to
> the Retrospect Preferences folder), but what if FileMaker Server is on a
> different server?
> Does anyone have any ideas on this?
> I ran a backup on a test database and the backup ran without any errors
> (while FileMaker was still running).  I was then able to restore the
> database from tape and open it -- no problems, but FileMaker Server was
> never shutdown during the backup.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Stiles Watson

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