Following was my strategy when I used FMP-S on a Mac.
(We're being forced to NT boxen now...)

Use the Retrospect Selector to _deselect_ the folder that FMP-S and the
database files themselves reside in.

Script Filemaker Pro Server to back up the individual databases to a
separate folder at some given time in the late night or early morning. This
backup takes less than a few seconds. 
Script FMP-S to shutdown the databases.

Script Retrospect to do its backup, including the folder that contains the
backed up database files (from FMP-S script), but excepting the deselected

Have another FMP-Server script open the databases (at a time after the Retro
backup has swept past).

In this way you have a good backup of closed database files, and you assure
that the files are really closed before the backup sweeps past.

By the way, doing several FMP-S backups of those files during the day takes
no time at all, and assures that you always have a copy of your database

> Another _very_ useful and important routine to run is to set 
> up a timed script
> in FileMaker that does a save as of the database(s).  This 
> ensures that there is an
> inert copy of the database that Retrospect can backup safely 
> and a emergency
> copy available to use if a crash renders the original unusable.
> Cheers,
> Erik Ableson
> On Mon, Apr 17, 2000 at 03:39:25PM -0500, Jon Gardner wrote:
> > on 4/17/2000 1:41 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] at 
> > 
> > >> I ran a backup on a test database and the backup ran 
> without any errors
> > >> (while FileMaker was still running).  I was then able to 
> restore the
> > >> database from tape and open it -- no problems, but 
> FileMaker Server was
> > >> never shutdown during the backup.
> > > 
> > > I just ran a similar test and found that the database was 
> backed up, but some
> > > indices had to be rebuilt.  Shutting down FileMaker 
> should give more reliable
> > > results.  I just posted a very similar question to yours, 
> before reading
> > > Friday's postings.  It would be very nice if the server 
> shutdown script could
> > > somehow be triggered by the Retrospect Client, but I 
> don't see a way to do
> > > that yet.
> > 
> > Just set up a script in FileMaker Pro Server to backup all 
> open databases at
> > a certain time, preferably just before the Retrospect 
> script is set to run.
> > It's all built-in. Ours does it every night at 8:00 or something.

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