I know this doesn't directly answer the question (I haven't gotten the 
script to work either):

We just have our FileMaker server do a backup every two hours at 6am, 8am, 
10am, Noon, 2pm, 4pm & 6pm to a second HD on the same server.  It 
overwrites those every day.  Every night, this HD is backed up by another 
retrospect server (via the client) but the live databases are never backed 
up by retrospect.  This enables me to "roll back" to a good database 
version within 2 hours.  And I don't have to futz with applescript...

I have had a couple of our larger databases get hosed, but I've always 
been able to just copy the latest working version from the other hard 
disk.  I've never actually had to recover from a restrospect backup. 
Unless there's a catastrophic HD failure, I'll probably never have to use 
the retrospect backup of this server.

Mark Maytum
Pompanoosuc Mills Corporation

04/17/00 02:41 PM
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> I ran a backup on a test database and the backup ran without any errors
> (while FileMaker was still running).  I was then able to restore the
> database from tape and open it -- no problems, but FileMaker Server was
> never shutdown during the backup.

I just ran a similar test and found that the database was backed up, but 
indices had to be rebuilt.  Shutting down FileMaker should give more 
results.  I just posted a very similar question to yours, before reading 
Friday's postings.  It would be very nice if the server shutdown script 
somehow be triggered by the Retrospect Client, but I don't see a way to do 

that yet.

Phil Geller

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