Short and sweet.. I have TWO VXA drives in an 8500 upgraded to a G3 with a
newertech card and 192 megs ram. I threw in  an Adaptec 2940UW card set it
to fast scsi-10 and I get 150 megs/min across the network. Local is even
faster. I'm surprised you got that answer from Ecrix. If anything call back
and ask for Chris Wall (head of tech support). I have been in contact with
him quite a bit (I'm a reseller for Ecrix) and have never heard about this
retrospect/ecrix problem.
Definitely put it on it's own card.. that's my .02

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> From: Greg Morin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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> Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 11:43:58 -0400
> To: "retro-talk" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: Experience with VXA drive  Retro 4.2?
> Hello,
> I'm looking for feedback from anyone else who has been using a VXA
> drive on a Mac with Retro 4.2. We are currently evaluating the VXA
> drive in the internal configuration on the Fast SCSI-2 bus in a Power
> Tower Pro 225 and have been seeing very mediocre throughput when
> compared to the existing DDS-2 drive on the external slow SCSI bus.
> Here are the results of some testing I did:
>> So I did some testing: I created a 25 MB disk image file (single 25
>> MB file, all zeros) on the internal hard drive on the Fast SCSI-2
>> bus and backed it up to the VXA drive and then to the DDS-2 drive
>> using Retrospect 4.2. Here are my results (avg):
>> VXA: 44 MB/m (46 copy/42 compare)
>> DDS-2: 94 MB/m (60 copy/214 compare)
>> Overall the DDS-2 drive is over twice as fast as the VXA, a tad
>> slower on copy, but 6 times slower on compare!.
> In Retrospect the settings are set up to allow hardware compression.
> The VXA drive is installed in the middle of the three scsi devices on
> the internal bus (CDROM-1, VXA-2, Hard Drive-3 (hard drive
> terminated). Hard Drive SCSI ID=0, VXA=2, CD-ROM =3. No other jumpers
> are enabled on the VXA drive.
> In day to day use backing up network clients the speed difference is
> not as big. The VXA averages in the 40-50 MB/m range while the DDS-2
> drive averages in the 50-70 MB/m range.
> I wrote to Ecrix and they stated this was a known problem with
> Retrospect and that I should contact them. So I did and they stated
> that this was not a known problem but that the max SCSI throughput
> one would expect on a Mac is around 95 MB/min (which matches what I
> have seen with the DDS-2 drive).
> Everything in the setup favors faster speeds for the VXA drive yet it
> consistently delivers at least 25% slower speeds. So I'm not sure now
> if there really is some weird Retro slowdown conflict with the drive
> or if there is some just funky hardware problem with this particular
> drive, or the SCSI ribbon, or?? The max speed I can obtain doing a
> Finder copy from the internal Fast SCSI-2 drive to a drive on the
> slower external bus is around 3 MB/min... so this would seem to be
> the top bottleneck speed... well above what the VXA is giving me, so
> it doesn't seem to be the SCSI bus.
> Has anyone else been using a similar configuration without any speed
> issues? If so, what is your exact setup like?
> Thanks in advance,
> -Greg Morin
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