I've been emailing Ecrix support about whether the 68 version of the 
VXA drive would be significant faster than the SCSI-2 version on a 
fast switched network. What they've said so far is:

The network speed never stays at 100 mps, it varies continuously.
Network backup speeds can run between 100 and 150 mb/sec, this is what I
have heard from customers.  On a network backup the singled ended narrow
VXA-1 might run the same speed as an LVD VXA-1, because of the network
bottle neck.

This doesn't parse to me...getting 150 mbps on a 100mbps network. In 
any event, I'm still wondering whether getting the 68 pin ultra scsi 
version would prove superior to the SCSI 2 with fast ethernet 
backups, or whether the network would still be the bottleneck.

Any comments appreciated.

Todd Reed

On 5/26/00, John Gee  sent an email about Re: Experience with VXA 
drive  Retro 4.2?

>>>>  VXA: 44 MB/m (46 copy/42 compare)
>>>>  DDS-2: 94 MB/m (60 copy/214 compare)
>For "ideal" backups to VXA across 100Mb ethernet from a fast client 
>with large files, I see speeds like this:
>Completed: 211 files, 315.2 MB
>Performance: 123.6 MB/minute (122.0 copy, 125.2 compare)
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