I thought AIT-1 was the way to go when a dealer mentioned VXA. I've read
the recent input on this list but if VXA is as good as the dealer says, how
come no-one in Sweden is selling them? (MicroWarehouse, Dustin, Dabus etc.)

My contact said the distributor didn't sell their product through "regular"
channels... but if you have a great product, why don't try sell it through
the big distributors?

Also, if we get a VXA drive for about half the price of a AIT-1 drive, what
happens next year, can we get tapes then or do we have to change system again?

What I'm saying is, if this VXA is so great, how come there are so few
using it. I've never heard of it before and there haven't been THAT many
disscussions conserning VXA on this list. Not compered to AIT, DLT or DSS


/ jakob

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