...and thus spake Greg Morin on this day of 5/25/00 11:43 AM:

>> So I did some testing: I created a 25 MB disk image file (single 25
>> MB file, all zeros) on the internal hard drive on the Fast SCSI-2
>> bus and backed it up to the VXA drive and then to the DDS-2 drive
>> using Retrospect 4.2. Here are my results (avg):
>> VXA: 44 MB/m (46 copy/42 compare)
>> DDS-2: 94 MB/m (60 copy/214 compare)
>> Overall the DDS-2 drive is over twice as fast as the VXA, a tad
>> slower on copy, but 6 times slower on compare!.

Try and disable software compression.  I has slow copy speeds until I
disabled software compression.  I had assumed Retrospect would detect the
VXA's native hardware compression, and ignore software compression.  My
speeds tripled after turning software compression off.

Jon Oplinger
Howell, Ltd.
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